Capri Neighbourhood Watch Project:
24/7, Armed response patrol vehicle for Capri

The Capri Neighbourhood Watch is focussing on a project which will bring quick results in preventing and actively responding to crime in Capri.

We aim to have YMA Security allocate a dedicated, 24/7 vehicle to patrol Capri and to support the visibility work our wonderful Capri patrollers do at night and on day patrolls.

YMA as always, are ready to help CNHW in any way they can and they have offered to provide the vehicle and staff required to make this project a reality.

We however need to sign up 78 additional Capri clients for YMA. 

We can do this, but only with YOUR involvement!

If you’re not already a YMA client, please consider signing up with them and see if you can get others in your street to do the same.

To find out more, please contact YMA Security on 021 785 7093

The Capri Neighbourhood Watch (CNHW) is a voluntary crime prevention support structure serving the broader Capri Community and the SA Police Services. It is the eyes and ears of the Capri community and is made up entirely of Capri residents who wish to help make our suburb a safe and secure place to live, so that we can all enjoy living in this special area at the tip of Africa. Patrolling the neighbourhood is one of the key activities of any neighbourhood watch.

Other activities of the Capri Community

Besides our Neighbourhood Watch’s patrolling activities, the Capri Community as a whole is very active in many other ways too, such as…

  • fundraising for and rolling out a CCTV and LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera system that will be monitored 24/7 by a security company;
  • a wide variety of administration tasks;
  • managing the buying, supply and licencing of two-way radios for individual residents;
  • sourcing various items to benefit the community — e.g. reflective vests for patrollers, various decals, reflective metal house numbers that are fixed to the kerb to make it easier for emergency services to reach an incident quickly; special locks to prevent baboons and humans from opening our dustbins on collection day;
  • organizing and promoting the fairly new annual Capri Community Fair;
  • providing the community with useful information and tips about safety and security;
  • managing the finances, writing the minutes of monthly meetings, and more.

These kinds of activities mean that there are many opportunities for residents to volunteer some of their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the suburb’s residents, including their own family.

Help is always welcome

We’d love you to participate as a community member too, in whatever way you can, for example offer your assistance in one of the following areas.

  • Lending your knowledge and expertise in areas that you may be good at — for example, admininstration, fund-raising, electrical/electronics, editing, copy-writing.
  • Donating monthly towards the CCTV Project to be able to set up more cameras at strategic points and to ensure that the required ongoing monitoring costs are sustainable.
  • Becoming a two-way radio owner for your own and the community’s benefit.
  • Becoming a patroller so that we have more eyes and ears ‘out there’ for the benefit of the entire Capri community. We currently have over 100 patrollers (men and ladies), mostly night patrollers. We do need more, though, so that every patroller will do only one two-hour shift per month. So please do consider being part of this enthusiastic team and directly helping to make Capri safe for all.


How can I help make Capri safer?


    1. Firstly, click on this link to choose how you’d like to get involved.


  1. Secondly, and importantly, look after the safety and security of your own home and family by following the practical recommendations given in the Safety & Security menu.


We look forward to your participation in whichever way suits your personal situation.

Thank you.
Capri Neighbourhood Watch Committee