The do’s and don’ts of citizen’s arrest in South Africa

This topic relates directly to every member of the community, but especially to Street or Neighbourhood Watches. It is a serious topic so take my warnings as they are read. The first thing I have to talk about is American television. NOTHING you see on TV relates to real life here, now in South Africa. Not the laws, not the … Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of House Robbery

Any time when a person is forced to comply with a criminal’s demands and submit to their will is a traumatic experience. We really should be, with every possible means at our disposal, planning and moulding our surroundings in a manner that drastically reduces the risk of this ever happening to us. Human beings are the most adaptive creatures on … Continue reading

14 tips to avoid being hijacked

Vehicle hijacking has increased by 5.4% to 9990 incidents in 2012/13, according to the South African Police Services’ crime statistics. This equates to an average of 28 hijackings a day. Research conducted by Arrive Alive, report that most hijackings occur from 5pm to 8pm when most drivers are on their way home from work. BE VIGILANT 1st for Women Insurance’s … Continue reading