CNHW Bank Details

Bank: ABSA Longbeach Mall
Account name: Capri Neighbourhood Watch
Account number: 9240591129
Electronic banking code: 632005

References for your deposits:
(for both lump-sum donations and monthly debit orders)

  • For the CCTV project: CCTV and your street address
  • For the Tobago Fence project: TOBAGO FENCE and your street address
  • For general expenses: GENL and your street address

Please choose the applicable fund for your deposits carefully, as monies donated for a specific project (e.g. CCTV) are used only for that project until it is completed. Funds in the ‘general expenses’ category are used wherever the priority is at the time, including for any specific project, as agreed by the Committee at the time to be in the best interests of Capri as a whole.