How can I help?

It’s perfectly understandable that you might be unsure of how you can help – I mean, seriously, a patroller? Yes, why not? Have you seen the 5-minute video yet? If not, click here to view it (opens a new tab/window).

If patrolling is out of the question for you, or your partner, there are other ways you can help – and we need everyone to help in some way for Capri Neighbourhood Watch to continue to be an effective and smooth-running organization.

The simplest and most obvious thing to do, and something we are probably all doing already, is to keep your peepers open when you’re out and about in Capri — walking the dog, jogging, visiting, on your route to and from home. If you see anything or anyone odd, suspicious or out of the ordinary, simply follow the steps below.

What to do if something’s up (all the phone numbers are to the left of this page):

  • Step 1: If you’re a client of YMA Security (079 492 4384) or another one of the security companies that service this area, call them first.
  • Step 2: If you have no luck there, call the police (Fish Hoek Police Station 021 784 2700).
  • Step 3: If it’s at night, call the CNHW night patroller who is patrolling at the time (073 839 9623). If there is no answer, this means there is no volunteer resident patrolling at that time. So, hang up to save time and phone one of the other numbers listed above instead.

Please note: A patroller is simply the eyes and ears out there on the streets and is not authorised to assume security or police duties. All they would do is follow step one or two above on your behalf and perhaps get to you quickly themselves, just so you know you’re not alone. So, if your needs are more than that, rather save time and phone one of the other numbers yourself.

However, just keeping an eye out is not really enough for a safe and secure suburb, so …

The 1-2-3 of becoming involved

1. Patrolling

Wait – don’t skip over this one – it’s the most important! Read on. We have a Buddy Patrol system where we team you up with one of our seasoned patrollers so that you can get a taste of what a 2-hour night patrol is like. New patrollers are always needed as our list of patrollers is ever-changing due to work commitments, overseas travel – whatever. So, if you’re willing and able to give it a try, please do try our successful Buddy Patrol system. This way, it’s so much more reassuring for a first-timer. Remember too, you don’t have to be tough, or even brave; you just need to care enough to play your part for a two-hour stint once a month. Well, that’s the frequency we’re aiming for and each new patroller helps us to get closer to that goal. So, go on, email us now to try a buddy patrol – it can be fun and you’re meeting a new neighbour!

We aim to get enough patrollers so that nobody has to patrol alone; for many people it’s more enjoyable if the shift is shared with a fellow Capri-peep (though some parollers say they enjoy the quiet-time of being alone). If night patrolling is not possible for you, note that we’re looking for day patrollers too. 🙂

2. Donations

If you absolutely cannot patrol (either at night or in the day), but still would like to do your bit to help keep Capri safe, donations are a fantastic way to help. The biggest need right now is funding for the Capri CCTV project, which requires substantial funds to roll out the installation, maintenance and monitoring of (eventually) 27 such cameras at strategic points throughout Capri. Please be sure to read this page for more details about the CCTV project.

Besides the CCTV project, the Capri Neighbourhood Watch obviously has ongoing expenses too -– we need to keep all the radios, aerials, batteries, vests and branding functioning and current. We also have long-term and short-term goals in the prevention of crime, and these require some costly equipment. So, regular ongoing monthly contributions will really be helpful and much appreciated.

If monthly contributions are not possible for you, then a donation every few months, whenever possible, will also make a big difference to the community’s safety and security endeavours.

So, if you are unable to patrol, but you can donate on either a regular basis or just whenever you can, here are our banking details here. Every bit helps and every bit will be much appreciated.

Bank: ABSA Longbeach Mall
Account name: Capri Neighbourhood Watch
Account number: 9240591129
Electronic banking code: 632005

References for your deposits:
(for both lump-sum donations and monthly debit orders)

  • For the CCTV project: CCTV and your street address
  • For the Tobago Fence project: TOBAGO FENCE and your street address
  • For general expenses: GENL and your street address

Please choose the applicable fund for your deposits carefully, as monies donated for a specific project (e.g. CCTV) are used only for that project until it is completed. Funds in the ‘general expenses’ category are used wherever the priority is at the time, including for any specific project, as agreed by the Committee at the time to be in the best interests of Capri as a whole.

3. Behind-the-scenes

Installing one of our CCTV cameras

Installing one of our CCTV cameras

If fundraising, or organizing things is your forté, then this is a great way to help. Think outside the box and come up with a lucrative, fun and clever way of helping us raise those desperately needed funds!

If you can think of another way that you can help, contact us with your ideas, or chat to one of us and we can brainstorm to see where you fit in.

For more ideas on ways to help, please
read this section on the home page.

Please see our Special Thanks page for those working behind the scenes.

Find out more about Capri Neighbourhood Watch

Capri Neighbourhood Watch is about all of us being the eyes and ears of Capri. Anyone can be a patroller and everyone can help in some way or another, however small it may seem to them.

  • Get full Resident Access to this website by registering at no cost (if you haven’t already done so). Click here to register ), then…
  • Read the Introduction to the Capri Neighbourhood Watch which includes:
    • more about what a neighbourhood watch is;
    • information about two-way radios: how to apply for one and how to use it for increased security – even if you are not a patroller;
    • an explanation of patrolling: what one does on patrol, what the patrolling experience is like, Code of Conduct, and so on;
    • how to become a patroller.


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