Loadshedding in Cape Town and South Peninsula


South Peninsula is Area 8

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all-areas-current-status      City of Cape Town Winter Schedules (PDF)
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Get free automatic e-mail notifications – some options

Sometimes Cape Town has extra capacity and is able to avoid going to the higher ‘stage’ as announced by Eskom. Some of the alerts listed below may not reflect this situation and may give the Eskom status instead. So, it’s best to click on the first button above too, which links to the City’s loadshedding page that usually gives the latest real situation for Cape Town.

  • Capri resident’s app: Receive an e-mail whenever the CT status changes (an app developed by a Capri resident). It checks the CT status every 10 minutes. and also offers optional Twitter alerts too.
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  • Sharenet: Here’s another option (at Sharenet). If you select your suburb during the sign-up process it can also send you a reminder about 15 minutes before the power is cut for your area.
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  • Gridwatch by News24 also offers a notification service:
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City’s areas map and schedules

ALL AREAS: To view/download the, click here.

City of CT alerts

Loadshedding only – all areas
Twitter alerts:
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All other situations (water, lights, etc.)
Facebook alerts: ‘Like’ the City of CT Facebook page, and turn on notifications.
Twitter alerts: Follow @CityofCTAlerts.

Phone enquiries

For additional information, phone the City: 0860 103 089.

Notes from the City of Cape Town

  • Based on the national power grid, Eskom may change or suspend the loadshedding stage at any time.
  • If loadshedding does not occur in your area as indicated on the current schedule, it does not mean you will be excluded next time.
  • If you are in areas 17 – 23 or an unshaded area, then view your schedule at this web address: www.loadshedding.eskom.co.za
  • If power is not restored at the allocated time, please report this: SMS 31220
  • Electricity is needed to power certain city functions e.g. water reservoir pumps, sewage and drainage. Please use water sparingly during loadshedding periods.
  • During loadshedding treat all electricity appliances carefully as electricity might turn on at any time.

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About affordable power surge protection adaptors

2x3pin+2x2pin+surgeHere are some notes we made which may be helpful to some of our residents. Click this link to …expand/hide

A local electrical wholesaler kindly explained a few things about surge protectors of the kind that are available at some electrical shops, hardware shops and supermarkets. Here’s a summary, which may well be incomplete as it is written from memory.

  • The general standard is for surge protection adaptors/extensions, etc., to be marked in RED — either the 15-amp 3-pin plug itself is red, or the product is in red packaging. If there’s NO RED, then the item does NOT include surge protection.
  • The typical adaptors available, such as those offered by Ellies and sold in PnP, do not last forever in terms of surge protection; they’re considerd to be ‘consumables’. Similar to how light bulbs have a limited lifespan, surge protection adaptors stop offering protection after handling a certain degree of surges. Depending on the severity and frequency of surges from Eskom, an adaptor may last upwards of 100 surges. After that, your appliances connected through that adaptor are no longer surge-protected. Generally, if the little red light is on, that would show that the surge protector is still working and all is well. If it no longer stays on, then the protection is no longer functioning.
  • Every time the power comes back on after an Eskom/city power cut, there is always a surge, but not necessarily large enough to blow one’s computer, fridge, etc. However, the shop owner said that he does get lots of customers coming in after loadshedding to buy a surge protector because their fridge or computer had been blown when the power came back on. So, take precautions.


Look around your home and see which items have electronic components and therefore need protection, and where those appliances are plugged in to the mains. (Fridges do have electronic components, so they are vulnerable too.)

2x3pin+2x2pin+surgeDecide what kind of adaptor each wall socket needs — e.g. 2×3 pin / 2×2 pin adaptor, which has two 3-pin sockets and two 2-pin sockets like the one on the right. (Some wall sockets may not need any protection due to how and when they are used.)


one like this, which comes in a pack of two adaptors for around R100 for the two, as at January 2015 (a good deal if it meets your needs).
It is strongly recommended that one invest in these items where necessary.

An alternative would be to switch off vulnerable appliance just before a scheduled power cut, and UNPLUG the appliances/equipment plug that feeds them from the wall socket.

This can, of course, mean that if the power goes off and comes back on only once you’re asleep, then the fridge will stay off for the rest of the night until you plug it back into the wall socket again — not an ideal situation.

It is also not practical to unplug a fridge if you’re going to be out for some time. However, if you have a surge protection adaptor, and the fridge is left on, then when there is a power cut the fridge will go off … but, it will go on again when the power resumes.

In the end, it’s each person’s own decision as to how best to handle power cuts over the next months or beyond. Hopefully these notes will be helpful to those who know nothing about power surges and what is available in the shops.

One can in fact outlay more money and buy a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) surge protector which gives you power for a few minutes to allow you to save your computer work, log out and turn your computer off. There are also more sophisticated systems available.

This website section is worth visiting for an overview of some of the less expensive units available: http://www.ellies.co.za/electrical (opens a new window).


If any experts out there have additional comments they feel should be included here, feel free to send an e-mail to info@capriwatch.co.za.
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ADSL problems after power comes back on?

Telkom have prepared a Portable Document Format (PDF) on what to do if your ADSL router reverts back to default settings when the power comes back on after a power cut. If you don’t have a Telkom router, you can hopefully adapt the instructions as necessary.
To read/download the PDF, click here (opens new window).

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