Reflective House Numbers



The aim of this project is to make house numbers more visible to emergency services as well as our own Neighbourhood Watch.

There have been numerous complaints over the years by the SAPS and other emergency services that it’s difficult to see house numbers, especially at night.

The proposed solution is to affix numeric plates to the main curb outside of houses. The plates are made from chromadek, are 120x80mm in size and have a blue reflective background with white numerals. The plates are made with the same reflective material that’s used in the manufacture of road signs and should have a 5-7 year life span.

The cost per plate is R50, so if you have a double digit house number the cost would be R100. The cost includes affixing the numbers by one of our friendly CNHW commitee members.



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Please note that we are currently unsure of demand and as such have decided to place an order once a month. Should there be an overwhelming response then the order frequency will be re-evaluated.

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