Roll-out plan for Capri Village CCTV Project

The Capri Village CCTV project is designed to grow with the needs of the village without becoming a financial or social burden for residents. Its function is to address the growing need for communal security within the Valley at large, spanning from Fish Hoek to Noordhoek and across to Kommetjie. Through the use of LPR (licence plate recognition) and CCTV, criminal activity can be monitored, trends can be predicted and ultimately, criminals apprehended.

Capri Village is perfectly situated for the placement of an LPR camera at the entrance to the Village to monitor possible threats entering  the village by car, and CCTV can help monitor foot traffic at specific junctions within the village and on its perimeter.

It is important to understand that these measures should not be seen as a complete solution to crime, but as part of a bigger picture. It is still up to each one of us to be vigilant and prudent in our own sphere of influence, and to always be aware of our surroundings. This project is really designed to make our village less attractive to the larger and more organised crime syndicates and to make the entire area less attractive by playing our part and adding to what has already been done in many other areas within the Valley.

Steps to getting going 
So how do we go about putting this into action and maintaining it?

  1. Our proposed model is based on having a private security company help monitor the cameras and respond in conjunction with our own neighbourhood watch and the police. Clearly, a system that is not monitored adds little value as no action can be taken if nothing is seen.
  2. It requires an up-front investment to get the basics running. These basics include the server to run the cameras and software, the entrance LPR camera and entrance overview CCTV camera.
  3. The system will need a sustainable revenue stream to keep it up and running for years to come. This needs to cover monitoring, maintenance, insurance, replacement and upgrades.  We want to avoid where possible a reliance on volunteer work to keep this project running, as this inherently means we run the risk of individuals burning out and projects failing to deliver on their promises.

With the help of Security and CCTV experts we have identified 26 locations for CCTV cameras within Capri Village. These are potential hotspots that criminals are likely to use for escape or spots that people travel through in order to get into or out of Capri.
Let’s talk numbers

The upfront capital needed to acquire the server, set up the LPR and CCTV cameras at the entrance and connect the signal to a wireless network will be in the order of R37,000.
On a monthly basis we will need between R12,000 and R16,000 to add a new camera installation each month. This can broken down as follows:

  • R9,000 per camera installation and connection to the network;
  • R100 for insurance;
  • R3,000 to a service provider to monitor the data;
  • Remaining amount to build up contingency for replacements, maintenance and other related costs.

We have negotiated with YMA Security and they will bear most of the costs of monitoring our cameras while we set them up. Once all cameras envisaged are installed and running, the monitoring cost will be approximately R9,000 per month and YMA will then be the main respondents to alerts along with Capri Neighbourhood Watch (CNW). This amount will not  cover the cost of the staff members required to monitor all the cameras, so even at this amount YMA has generously agreed to support Capri Village.

The replacement of cameras should be done every 4–5 years dependant on installation site. We estimate that we will need to replace some cameras within the 4-year period and others will last longer. This replacement budget will be borne by the monthly income stream, provided there is no major decline in financial commitments by residents and we remain at roughly R16,000 per month, there should be no need to for any extra costs.

So what does this mean for us as the residents of Capri? 

Ideally, each resident will:

  1. Set up a monthly debit order for R50–R100 depending on what amount you are able to contribute sustainably. This will then be channelled to the CNW, who is tasked to run this project. If you are able to contribute a greater or lesser amount on a monthly basis, please do so as this only works if we all contribute whatever we can afford.
  2. Contribute towards the upfront capital investment needed to get the project going. During our recent survey process many residents agreed to make donations upfront, as well as on a monthly basis. Anything you can afford will make a difference.
  3. Speak to neighbours and get them on board. The more homes we have contributing, the better.

It is important to note that the CNW is made up of residents working voluntarily for no financial gain, whose sole aim is to further improve security for Capri Village residents. This project results in no profit whatsoever for YMA, CNW or any affiliated organisation. CNW is working hard to try where possible to acquire everything at cost or close to cost in order to minimise the project expenses.

As is already done for all donations received and expenses incurred by CNW, the revenues and costs associated with this CCTV camera project will be reported in detail and made public at the Capri Neighbourhood Watch Annual General Meeting.

If you, as a resident, want to help with any aspect beyond the financial commitments needed, please let us know, as there are always more things to do than hands and heads to do them.

Thank you for reading this and being part of the process to make Capri Village a better place to live in for years to come. Here’s to a great community and to sticking together.

Kind Regards
Your Neighbour
Capri Neighbourhood Watch

Please go ahead and make your CCTV set up donation and at the same time set up a monthly scheduled payment on your online banking. (Or pop in to your branch if you need help setting it up)

Please use CCTV and your street address as a reference for both donations and monthly debit orders

Bank: ABSA Longbeach Mall
Account name: Capri Neighbourhood Watch
Account number: 9240591129
Electronic banking code: 632005

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