Special Thanks

Firstly, we would like to extend special thanks and a warm welcome all our new patrollers.

All Capri’s patrollers are residents of Capri, like all of us are. They include fathers, mothers, grandpas and grandmas and single people too. There is a tremendous spirit amongst our patrollers and they’re far from the mucho, Rambo image some people might imagine a neighbourhood watch to be like. They are concerned and compassionate people who all have one common desire: to make and keep Capri a safe and pleasant place to live.

So a huge thank you to all of you!

Come on, guys and gals, join up and join the team! Remember, the more of us there are, the more effective Capri Neighbourhood Watch will be, and the safer our little village will be too. (If you haven’t yet seen the 5-minute video, click here to view/hide video.)

A big thank you also goes to the following residents for their contributions in various ways.

Donations: Thank you to all those residents who have made lump-sum donations that have enabled the CCTV project to get started, and the monthly contributions towards sustainability of the project as well as the purchase of equipment such as radios, vests, torches and the strobe light. Special thanks also go to JAWITZ PROPERTIES for donating the CNHW video, several radios and reflective vests for patrolling.

A special Thank You to: Scotty Gildenhuys, D Wilson Harris, Lesley Willis, Anton Magson, Munn, J Smith, Volker Ritzenthaler, Enid Shephard, David Whitehead, Hans & Audrey Haamann, Maritz family, Louis Redelinghuys, Trevor Cohen, Barbara and Lambert van Rijsewijk, Gordon, Gavin Hoole, A D Davidson, Barbara & Janusz Zukowski, Kelly Burke, Natalie Walmsley, Gavin Webb, 54 Corfu, M Ochtman, as well as Lorna Bombal-Jones for her regular updates on the CCTV project and the monthly reports for the Community Police Forum.

CCTV Project: Additional thanks go to a couple of residents who have put CCTV cameras up on their properties in Capri to track incidents that occur in our area — and to those who will be doing the same as the CCTV project continues to roll out to additional strategic points in the suburb. And, of course , a big thank you to the dedicated team of residents who voluntarily plannned the project and who continue with the implementation and installation of all the¬†cameras and the electonic systems, including Jason Hartmann, Eric Riemann, YMA Security (Yann Mouret), Gavin Webb and Liam Bracken (electrical). Thanks, guys.

Thanks also go to Colin of Custom Woods in Lekkerwater Road, a member of De Oude Weg NHW, who helped by cutting and removing tree branches from our CCTV camera at the entrance to Capri.

Patroller reminders: A special thank you to the dedicated work of 5 non-committee and committee members who send out e-mail reminders to our patrollers, to keep the system running smoothly – i.e. Chelsea Henning, Dolores Donovan, Gavin Hoole, Hardy Maritz,

Committee: Mark Bray, Jason Hartmann, Hardy Maritz, Francois Steenberg, Vivian van Eeden, Barbara van Rijsewijk, Cathy van Rooyen.

Facebook: ‘Admins’ for the Facebook CNHW and the Capri Community Groups: Jason Hartmann, Cathy van Rooyen, Damian Hardy, Hardy Maritz, Francois Steenberg, Gale McAll, Chelsea Henning, Lorna Bombal-Jones, Raymond Stevens.

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