Why Incident Reports Are So Important

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Report all incidentsSometimes we may think there is little point in reporting break-ins, theft or even unsuccessful attempted crimes to SAPS and also on the Neighbourhood Watch website.

However, even though the incident is over and you may never get your possessions returned, or it was aborted, there are important reasons we need you to report every incident to both SAPS (by phone or visit), and also to the Neighbourhood Watch via the easy form on this website.

Here are the reasons…

1. Our CNHW Monthly Incident Report to SAPS

The information is needed for a report that is submitted every month (by each neighbourhood watch) to the Community Police Forum. Even incidents that may be considered to be ‘minor’ or perhaps ‘trivial’ need to be included in that report. They therefore need to be posted to this website so that the information can be gathered and collated in a consistent and orderly manner.

The info is then collated by one of our volunteer residents and passed on to SAPS. This assists SAPS in using their limited resources more effectively, and supports their own submissions to acquire sufficient resources to do their job effectively in this area.

If we don’t give them this info, and it wasn’t reported directly to them by the resident at the time, SAPS will assume we have much less crime than is actually the case. Such under-reporting results in lower-than-actual crime statistics, which in turn has an overall negative impact on policing effectiveness in our area.

2. Crime prevention planning by our own CNHW

The Neighbourhood Watch volunteers work endlessly at finding additional ways to assist the police and the community in reducing crime in our area. We do much more than the well-known patrolling activities which serve as the eyes and ears for our police and our residents.

Our pro-active projects, and the setting of priorities, are informed by the collective information reported to us via the incident reports submitted at this website. Incomplete information and inaccurate stats result in misdirected planning and priority setting.

How YOU can play your part in this

  1. Be sure to report to SAPS and to the CNHW any crime-related incident you experience or witness in Capri.
  2. If you know of someone who has witnessed or experienced an incident, please inform them of the need to report it – even giving a link to the Submit an Incident Report page where possible: www.capriwatch.co.za/submit-incident-report.


Where to report crime and other incidents

  1. SAPS: Fish Hoek SAPS: 021 784 2700 or 021 784 2720 (as soon as possible)
    NB: If it is a crime that has been committed, report it as a CRIME (not as an ‘incident’) in order to ensure that a case is opened by SAPS and that it is included in their crime stats.

    Also report every incident to

  2. Capri Neighbourhood Watch: (crime, intended crime, failed crime attempt or criminal behaviour)
    Use the convenient incident report form – click here.

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