I Love Capri

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Our Capri Kid’s Play Park is looking lovely and inviting and we’ve heard that kids from other areas are asking their parents to bring them to the Capri Park to play. While Council own the land on which the park is located, they expect the community in most cases to look after and maintain the facilities. In the case of the Capri park, we are fortunate to have somebody like Vivian who loves the space and does a great deal to improve and maintain it. The end result is a park space that is used a great deal more than it used to be as well as being an asset to the community.

Ongoing upgrades and maintenance are necessary and for this we need funds donated. Please use the details below …

Banking Details

Bank: ABSA Longbeach Mall
Account name: Capri Neighbourhood Watch
Account number: 9240591129
Electronic banking code: 632005
Reference: community

Project status: Ongoing, funds needed.