I Love Capri

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We’re in the process of installing security cameras at various strategic positions in Capri as earmarked by CNHW. We need funds for cameras, installation and ongoing maintenance.

It is up to each one of us to make a small but regular monthly contribution to ensure the sustainability of our project. In addition to the maintenance, the plan is to install additional cameras throughout the suburb as soon as funds become available and regular contributions mean that the CCTV team can budget effectively and plan accordingly. The 8th and 9th cameras are already in the pipeline thanks to the contributions received to date from many who pledged some years back. If you have forgotten to set up your payment, please do so now. We are counting on you.

Banking Details

Bank: ABSA Longbeach Mall
Account name: Capri Neighbourhood Watch
Account number: 9240591129
Electronic banking code: 632005
Reference: cameras

Thank you to YMA and Visec who have been so helpful in assisting our CCTV volunteer team with all the work they do in their free time. You are a terrific bunch! Last but not least, thank you to those who have made contributions and to those who are about to do so.

Project status: Current