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Dear Capri Residents,

Following our note to the community a week or so back about the allocation of a vehicle to our area, members of the Capri NHW Committee had a follow up meeting with Fidelity ADT on Friday to clarify a number of key issues around the allocation of the vehicle.

We met with Adrian Good (responsible for the entire Cape regional area), Brendon Berry (South District community development manager) and Brent Amos (operations). As in our prior meeting with Jade Hanning, we came away impressed with the forthright nature of their approach as well as their willingness to engage and make a success of their acquisition of YMA.

In short, as Capri NHW and area residents – there is no formal agreement or obligations we need to enter into for the vehicle allocation. There are some brief guidelines/needs, none of which are unusual and some of which we do already. It is worth noting that aside from the costs of the telephone (which CNHW already carry), all else is going to be done at Fidelity ADT’s expense, with no costs incurred by Capri NHW or additional costs to ex-YMA clients.








The proof of the investment they are making is going to be in how they deliver services to their clients. With Fidelity retaining the YMA hub and on the ground teams, they have a great base to start with.

Remember, CNHW is not a client of Fidelity ADT or any other security company – individual homeowners in Capri and Faerie Knowe are the folks who sign up to and pay a security service provider (SSP) on a monthly basis. The choice of which SSP anyone chooses remains with them. Obviously if for whatever reason Fidelity ADT client numbers in our area drop substantially, they might choose to review the commitment they have made to their client base in our community, as is their right.

It is also worth noting that some 10 minutes before the Capri NHW committee got the firm vehicle commitment from Fidelity ADT, we had an offer from Colin Reeves of Combat Force to deploy a vehicle in Capri if we were able to persuade 220 Capri residents to sign service agreements with his company. In light of having the firm commitment from Fidelity ADT, the Capri NHW committee engaged on the offer from Combat Force and reverted to Mr Reeves on Sunday 26th August. In our reply, we thanked him for his offer, but declined it at this point and indicated that in light of all our efforts this year trying to get 100 new clients for YMA (we managed to get 45), in essence these extra sign ups meant that as an area we are already meeting the required number of contracts with Fidelity ADT (when combined with ex YMA clients) to secure a vehicle, with no further sign ups or conditions attached. The vehicle allocation from Fidelity is in essence the payback we as a community are getting for having supported YMA in the past few years.

Finally, the Fidelity ADT team have indicated that if the community would find it useful, they are happy that a community meeting be arranged at which they could respond to queries and concerns from residents. We will put up a poll on our various forums to gauge the interest for such a meeting, and if there is sufficient interest, we will pass this on to Fidelity to make the needed arrangements (which we can communicate to all of you).

Kind regards
The Capri Neighbourhood Watch team